A critical appeal for your help in our struggling Orthodox monastery’s mission.

Today’s blog  is an appeal

Monastery of the Holy Martyrs is a small monastic community in Northern Indiana. We also host St. Mary the Proectress – Syriac Orthodox community.

Christ tells us “Whatsoever you do to the least of my people, so you do unto me.” If we listen, we hear the call to be open to one another, to give what we have and to welcome all guests as we would welcome Christ. We are a place of healing and nourishment, where folks respond to each other’s human needs.

Our first job is to pray for the world, for her salvation, your salvation and our salvation. We know that praying to end hunger is without meaning, unless you also feed those who are hungry. So we feed the hungry without question!

Why does the Lord allow there to be poor among us? “For your good, so that you may be cleansed from your sins and expiate them. For alms doth deliver from death, and shall purge away all sin; so that you may win suppliants who will pray for you in the persons of those upon whom you bestow your charity, so that the Lord may be merciful to you.” – Saint John of Kronstadt.

We are small but serve many who are homeless or near homeless. We provide diapers to mothers so that they do not have to pick between diapers for their child and food for their family. We also provide other personal products and food.

The monastery has occupied this building for over ten years. The roof leaks and can no longer be patched. A new roof is urgently needed. The air conditioning is shut off since last year when it started to make noise and struggled to work. The heating works, but has not received the needed servicing in several years. We need your help to make the needed repairs, for our survival, and that we may continue to help those we serve.

It is the continued generosity of caring people, living out their faith, which makes our work possible. Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve conditions at our humble monastery, and help us carry out our mission to feed the poor, and help the less fortunate among us. No matter how small, your generous donation will make a difference in someone’s life. Please also pray for those we serve.

Donations can be sent directly to:

Monastery of the Holy Martyrs
P. O. Box 623
Plymouth, IN 46563

Or you may use PayPal on our monastery website

Physical location for donations:
1000 South Michigan Street
Plymouth, IN 46563

Help us to spread the word. Share this appeal with your family, friends and church. God bless you!





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Orthodox Monastic

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